Not the Face! Anything but the Face!


Article found in the Saturday, April 17, 1926 edition of the Los Angeles Times (Part II. pg. 9):

‘Permanent Shave’ Balm Asked

Motion Picture Producer Files Suit for $155,000 Damages Against Hair Removal Treatment Inventor on Asserted Disintegration of Face Flesh

Charging his face was severely burned and that disintegration of the cells and tissues has set in as the result of his taking treatments for a “permanent shave,” George Scott, motion-picture producer and manufacturer of cinema appliances, yesterday filed suit for $155,000 damages against Dr. Charles M. Marton of Hollywood. Dr. Marton was said to be the inventor of the “Marton method” of removing unwanted hair.

Scott said he began taking the treatments to remove all hair from his face in March, 1925, and continued with them until last January when, he asserted, the injuries he complained of began to appear on his face.

He asserted the defendant represented that the hair would be removed without injury and that no damaging rays or chemicals would be used in the administration of the treatments. Contrary to the asserted representations, Scott said, the defendant and his associates employed an X-ray on his face, with the result that burns appeared and disintegration set in.

Scott stated that he has consulted physicians concerning the asserted condition of his face and has been advised that unless the “most heroic and best treatment” were employed immediately his face would be destroyed.

The plaintiff further charged that he has been unable to make personal appearances in public or on the screen because of the condition of his face, and that he as thus been prevented from attending to his business.

Scott asserted Dr. Matron is making $1000 a day from his hair-removing business in various Southern California cities and expressed the opinion the defendant is well able to pay the damages Scott claimed were due him.

Attorney J. A. Coleman filed the complaint.

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