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To quote the “About” section I wrote for it, “Tango Quick is a simple multiple-choice quiz on the meanings and readings of Japanese vocabulary. It does not have any Leitner-like SRS system behind it, nor does it have “select how correct you were” buttons or clever mnemonics. It does, however, let you select a level (higher levels include words from the lower levels) and it allows for you to pick whether you get the question word alone or in the context of a sentence. I designed it for my own use since I was not satisfied with other flashcard offerings. Feel free to use it as well.”

I’ve tried numerous things for acquiring/retaining/practicing Kanji and/or vocabulary over the past few years. A lot of the SRS flashcard programs don’t really test you, but instead have you select a number between 1 and 5 to designate “how sure you were” about the answer; I find this troublesome because I am not to be trusted and because I don’t want to have to think about my sureness level. I find that question as welcoming as the 10-point “how much does it hurt?” scale at the hospital.

I’ve tried Wanikani, and I like a lot of aspects about it, but the made-up radical names bother me and I find it more exhausting remembering the mnemonics than I find remembering the characters or words themselves.

I’ve customized Anki a ton, but, like with other SRS programs, if you miss a few study days in a row, things start to pile up in an unpleasant way.

I really like ReadTheKanji.com, but I also want to be able to work on the words that aren’t typically written in Kanji.

Basically, I just want a very simple program with both Kanji and Kana-based vocabulary, testing the pronunciation and meaning. I know multiple-choice is looked down upon pedagogically, but I think if the choices offered are smart and mixed-up, this sort of quiz can facilitate learning as well – repetition is happening. I wanted something that I could do on my computer or my phone equally well. I wanted something that could be done in short, irregular bursts like while waiting for code to run at work. Not finding anything that suited me, I wrote my own this weekend. It doesn’t have very many questions in it yet, but I will work on adding as many as I can this month, working off of the old Japanese Language Proficiency Exam Test Content Specifications and Routledge’s Frequency Dictionary of Japanese.

So here it is:

単語クイック (Tango Quick)

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